The Daughters Movie

Set in 1810 on a plantation in the rural South, The Daughters is a story deeply entrenched in heritage, tradition, and EVIL.

For Elizabeth and her family, tradition runs deep. For generations her family has been immersed in witchcraft, sorcery, and the occult. The marriage to a wealthy trader and the death of her father finds her starting a new life in America, leaving behind the old ways of her eastern European ancestors with her father’s inheritance.

The new life promises fortune and happiness, but also brings with it jealousy, infidelity, and murder. Elizabeth’s husbands’ affair with a servant leaves her spiraling into jealousy, rage, and eventually cold-blooded revenge. Elizabeth is left to deal with the cheating husband. She knows what she must do – a curse is placed over his murdered body, and his soul is destined to remain trapped within the confines of their Southern Plantation, doomed for eternity to appear each night as an apparition to satisfy the needs of the scorned lover Elizabeth.

One hundred years later the family and their tradition survives. The daughters live and thrive on the plantation, completely unaware of the outside world and its advances in society and technology, until one daughter seemingly stumbles upon the truth and is forced to confront the family secret, an entity that rules over The Daughters.

Director : Steven Helgoth

Writer : Steven Helgoth

Producers : Frayne Rosanoff, Michael Collins, and Dino Costopoulos

Genre : Supernatural Thriller / Suspense

Location : Camden, South Carolina / Louisiana / Los Angeles, CA

Budget :

Additional Notes :

Cinekat Filmworks has infrastructure and relationships based on previous productions in Camden, South Carolina allowing us access to high production value execution at a very low cost while exploiting a lucrative tax rebate. The Historical Society of Camden has offered free accomodations and high end locations at no cost.

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Sizzle Reel 01/14/2021